I purchased the car restored but it was a non-original colour, non-original carburettors, many, many things not original. I had a new top, new windscreen, new lots of things Ė just too many to mention. Re-did the engine and got all correct parts and I bought the Rudge wheels, theyíre genuine wheels. They cost US$50,000 without rubber and theyíre now worth up to US$150,000.

Iíve been told there were 16 cars that came with them. Iím not sure if thatís true or not.

One of the unique things about the car is the Super 90 engine, which is rare on the Bs. They are rare. I dare say this would be the only righthand- drive 356B Roadster Super 90 with Rudge wheels in the world. I donít know of any others. Iím a member of the Roadster worldwide web base and there are no others with that combination, so itís a bit unique.

We drive the car when weíre here in Australia. We go on all the drives. We go on the annual Gathering of the Faithful which is celebrating Dr Porscheís birthday that happens on Anzac Day weekend.

My main passion is not to have the fastest car Ė itís to have the most authentic car. I go to great lengths to get authenticity. There were many non-authentic things on the car, like headlights, indicator lights, carburettors, everything. I want this as it came off the production line outside of Block D Porsche plant.

Weíre actually in the middle of another project for next year. Iíve got a 356A sunroof coupe thatís being restored in Costa Masa in Los Angeles and I fly out tomorrow to oversee the project. That car will go to Dana Point (California) and Pebble Beach in 2016, then here.

What got me into Porsches?

I saw my first one when I was a seven-year-old kid. And the rest is history.

Call 13 46 46 for a quote or visit shannons.com.au Prices kick off at around $200k.

Exceptional examples $300k-plus.