Jason Caine

The latest edition mentions the Citroen CX.

I mentioned this car in a letter of June 2014.

When it arrived it was welcomed by all the old fans who were driving the DS model.

The CX was so bloody flash it was like comparing a gun with a club. We had a CX Safari for a little while and it was the most comfortable car I have ever had.

Then came the ‘dawning’. The ruthless WA summer would completely destroy an interior over one season. Lovely curved glass to let in the light and the brutal sunshine. On one occasion a car left at the airport for a month had the steering wheel melt and drip onto the floor.

The air conditioners were almost ineffective, with a total loss system, ie unlike other A/C systems the CX didn’t recirculate the cabin air. And you couldn’t get at anything to fix stuff.

The DS model was a marvel of automotive design built by engineers, the CX was designed by the same engineers and passed by accountants. Our CX nearly drove me mad and many buyers went back to D cars in despair.

A colleague owned a CX that used to stop...just stop! His long suffering spouse would give him 30 minutes and then start screaming. It usually happened somewhere between Bunbury and Manjimup in WA, usually on a winter’s night and my mate would be under the bonnet enduring driving rain and stygian gloom.

Recently in a little seaside place called Hastings in Victoria, there was a CX Safari in the carpark – my life flashed before my eyes and I gave thanks to my creator for no longer owning one. As we left the place my wife was seen to be quietly genuflecting and echoing my sentiments about French cars.

ED: Thanks for that, Jason. Don’t let Jon Faine read this or he’ll be stalking and lowballing as many CX owners as he can find. The CX has always been divisive with some viewing it as the last of the true Citroens, while others will forever hate it because the cost of setting up the Aulnaysous- Bois factory to build it effectively cost Citroen its independence. Anyway, here’s a shot of ex-East German PM Erich Honecker’s CX Prestige.