Fabian Sbrissa Ocean Grove,VIC

I was delighted to see Alfredo Costanzo still racing in the Phillip Island Historics and when I saw his photo in Unique Cars it bought back memories.

I remember meeting him at Calder Raceway in the 1970s old now and I still value it.

when I was a little boy.

For me it was like meeting an astronaut. He was someone special.

Back then I didn’t know what a Formula 5000 car was except that I knew it was the loudest, fastest, meanest, most dangerous car I’d ever witnessed. My dad and I said hello to him as we walked past. We shook his hand, had a chat and we got to see his racing car close-up. Just before we left he gave me a black and white photo postcard which I have treasured ever since (copy enclosed). I’m almost 50 years old now and I still value it.

ED: Alfredo earns our respect too, Fabian. Anyone who won four consecutive Australian Drivers’ Championships and who still holds the outright lap record at Symmons Plains (50.16s in an F5000 Lola T430- Chevrolet, set on 23 March 1980) is a serious pedaller.

It was great to see him at Phillip Island still setting hair-raisingly quick times.