THE UNIQUE CARS editorial team is a great bunch to work with. You can’t help but notice the team’s infectious enthusiasm. That’s enthusiasm for all things automotive, for the magazine itself, and for giving their best shot to actually putting the publication together. And if you want to sample a serve of that enthusiasm in its pure form, there’s no better place to be than alongside Angelo Loupetis, Unique’s Senior Designer. Angelo’s the man working away in the background most of the time, creating the striking layouts that bring the featured cars to life in all their lovely detail for readers. For this issue it’s Angelo’s turn to step away from his computer and out of the shadows for a moment to soak up a bit of the limelight and to cop a well-deserved tribute.

As issue #391 goes to press it marks quite a milestone for Angelo – the lad has now produced 100 issues of Unique Cars magazine. Not a bad result for a kid who turned up at the offi ce in 2003 as a freshly minted graphic artist looking for his fi rst job and getting a start, a three-month contract – “Not a day longer, mind…” And the rest, as they say, is history.

When Uncle Phil took Ang under his wing early on to lay out dealer ads for the magazine, the young artist’s fate was sealed – he had become a Unique Cars man.

And you need to be careful talking about the car you’ve dreamed of owning when Phil is about to head off to the States. The lovely ’63 Thunderbird Angelo had been admiring on the web, was soon on its way from California to Ang’s garage. If you want to talk the fi ner points of T-Bird ownership, locating a Tripower induction set-up, or the quality of work by local electroplaters, Ang is your man.

Angelo’s deserved move to the big Unique Cars designchair came in 2008 to work with Editor Chris Fincham.

Since Fincho, Ang has had to break in a bunch of new editors – Ponch, Leechy and more recently, Guido. They all seemed to manage quite well under his tutelage… The Unique Cars team congratulates Angelo for reaching his 100-issue milestone: Well done Ang.

A very stylish century at the Unique Cars crease indeed, with plenty more where that came from. Keep up the good work, mate.