Iíve always wanted one.

Itís something you donít see every day, and itís surprisingly quick.

The name is a bit of a mouthful, most people refer to them as a ĎDel Solí which is what theyíre badged as in the States.

Believe it or not itís actually pretty practical; itís got a big boot, uses barely any fuel and has been really reliable. Having said that, I really only bought it for the fun.

Itís such a great car in the hills; Iíve given a lot of faster cars a run for their money in the tight stuff. Itís a fair way from stock now though; itís lowered on K-Sport coilovers and the wheels are 15x8 Rota Grid replicas. It didnít take much work to achieve the stance; from factory you can get pretty big wheels under the guards thanks to the carís natural camber.

I recently installed a set of RE003 Potenza tyres which has made a world of difference. The coilovers are on a soft setting so the ride is actually quite smooth, well, a lot smoother than youíd expect anyway.

On the inside the carís got a Nardi Torino steering wheel and seats from a Honda S2000 along with a few other cosmetic bits. Iíve got an LSD gearbox to put in when I get the chance and I plan to turbocharge it one day. But for now Iím just enjoying it the way it is, itís so rewarding to drive

Call 13 46 46 for a quote or visit Roughies can be had for under $5k, with top shelf examples asking $9k-plus