Finding a good sixtythree- and-a-half Galaxie, or XL500, is getting tougher and I was lucky to come across this one in the USA.

The dollar was one-for-one with the USA in those days.

It was owned by a mechanic, which I like. Heíd had it for 20 years and in the early days took it to a lot of shows and won a heap of trophies, some ridiculous number like 200. It also featured on the cover of the February 1998 edition of Mustang and Fords magazine, which is a national publication in the USA.

Itís pretty special, with a four-speed manual and Hurst shifter. Itís also got a tri-power carb set-up on the 390 V8. I always liked Galaxies and big Fords.

He updated to disc brakes, which is good Ė I like original cars but, with a 390, powered drums donít really do it for me.

Itís lovely to drive, and because it weighs around two ton it holds the road well, a bit like a tank. But itís got plenty of go.

I like them because theyíre spacious, thereís plenty of room for four and if the missus kicks you out you always have somewhere to sleep!

I like the fastback roof Ė can you imagine seeing this going down the road in 1963? It would have been something else! Prior to that it was all Customlines and big-arsed cars, so a fastback or hardtop was something special. (Steve runs the Coburg Classic Car Club, tel 0468 326 133.)

Prices vary wildly according to condition, from under $15k to more than $40k.

Call 13 46 46 for a quote or visit