Paul Whyte Via email

I first sighted the two Tooheys Black Beauties in Grafton NSW in 1991 on a truck as part of the promotional roadshow (where I picked up the “Win One And One For Your Mate” promo poster which I still have.)

I think it was in ’92 I was reading one of your magazines and saw an ad for a VN Group A ‘ONE OF TWO’ ever made! After reading the ad I realised it was one of the cars I saw on that truck in Grafton, 2000V8 chassis 161! From what I have heard the ‘son in law’ couldn’t afford to insure it so he put it up for sale in your magazine. Not knowing at the time this WOULD NOT be the last time I would see this car!

I had heard that a local businessman and family friend from my home town Glen Innes NSW had responded to the ad and purchased 2000V8. After moving back to Glen Innes from Grafton I finally not only saw 161 in the flesh again I was taken for a very exciting drive in the black beast.

In late 1995 I had the pleasure of not only polishing 2000V8 in my parents’ garage but also getting the chance to get behind the wheel and unleashing a distinct ‘growl’ in preparation for my wedding, as 2000V8 was the leader of the Commodore pride for that day!

In 1996 we had moved to Brisbane QLD. I don’t think it was long after that I was driving along the ‘Magic Mile’ in Moorooka South Brisbane and saw the biggest and tallest car stand I had ever seen out front of a Holden dealership (I think SALTERS). However it wasn’t the stand that caught my attention but what the five strong team were putting on f NS 2 that stand. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but sure enough it was... chassis 161! Our friend had traded her in on a HSV VS Senator.

The Tooheys 1000 VN Group A Chassis 161 wouldn’t have been on that stand two hours, by the time I got back there she was gone ‘vanished’! That was the last time I saw the Black Beauty I was honoured to know!

If you do happen to find Chassis 161 she won’t be wearing the yellow and black 2000V8 tags! They have ‘donged’ EVERY HSV my friend has owned since and are currently on his VE/VF GTS. And if you do find her I would LOVE to know please?

Kind Regards

ED Cheers, Paul. These Tooheys cars have certainly attained near-unicorn status.

Good to hear of someone with first-hand experience. If there’s anyone reading this that does own chassis 161, give us a buzz.

We’d love to hear your story.