Matthew Janineh Via email

I love V8s, the sound, power and the fact that most companies have made one is a testament to their enduring nature and the peopleís unanimous love for a V8.

Yet six cylinders always had me more interested as they werenít as talked about or revered as most V8s. I found myself always looking to see if there was a performance option that had six pots and have not been disappointed.

Japan stuck with sixcylinder performance and made some crackers in the form of the JZ and RB series of engines. Same said for Europe with some of BMW, Porsche, and Mercedesí finest work having six pots. Here in Aus, I believe our finest work has come from Chryslerís 265 Hemi and Fordís inline 6. The early E/AU series XR6s were pretty rapid and smooth, but the Barra turbo I think is the best engine made here. So much so I shocked myself and changed my hot hatch ways (still love hot hatches!) and bought a BA MK2 F6 Typhoon. Itís been a great car and the engine is very torquey and smooth, but most importantly it is a characterful lump that makes you smile. Iíll probably never sell this one! Plus I think they are very underrated in the sound department as some six cylinders engines at full flight sound unbelievable. But thatís me, and people disagree, but hey, thatís the fun about cars.

ED Cheers, Matthew. We love a good six here, but itís been interesting seeing the reception given the new Commodore. People are almost as upset about a lack of a V8 as they are about it being a Euro import wearing that badge. Glad to hear youíre enjoying your Typhoon.