David Steve Via email

Just wondering if you are interested in a little Ford story?

I am the very fortunate owner of a lovely brand new Silhouette XR6 Sprint (as advertised in your next magazine and online now). Having traded in my BT50 XLT and handing over the keys to a local Ford dealer back in about April this year, I waited patiently for it to arrive. I was in no hurry so there was no urgency put on the order. The local dealer kept telling me “the computer tells us it will be here sometime mid October”. I was a little intrigued by this as Ford was closing the doors on the 7 October as we all knew. To cut a long story short, it finally arrived at the local dealers about mid October. It was actually built on the 4 October.

I had a sneaking suspicion that it would have been very close to being one of the last Sprints to be built, but was this just wishful thinking? Since then I have read all the stories about Ford’s “The Final Four”, supposedly the last registerable car of each model going to auction. After reading all about the White XR6 Sprint numbered 500 / 500 being sold at the charity auction for $122,000 my curiosity got the better of me. I

did some personal investigating. I attempted to ring the successful purchasers of the vehicle which was all over the internet, Roz and John Bradbury of Sunbury Ford in Victoria.

I didn’t get to speak to either but I did get to speak to their son-in-law at the dealership and, after a few phone calls, he actually went over to the White XR6 Sprint 500 / 500 which is on display, opened the door and told me that the car is actually stamped ‘built in September’, probably about the 28th I think!

I believe at the auction Ford Australia actually presented the new owners with a certificate authenticating that this vehicle was the last registerable Sprint built by Ford Australia. Here is my dilemma. My car is actually built and stamped 4 October 2016.

Isn’t my car possibly the last Sprint ever built?

Kind regards