Richard Creswick Virginia NT

Re ‘Guido’s’ invitation to nominate ‘which road and which car’ (UC 395) I would like to make a nomination, but a bit of background first.

In early December, I found myself in Northern NSW driving a hired automatic Toyota Yaris a bit too hard, well hard enough to earn the threat of loss of licence, a $455 fine and loss of an as yet unknown number of points courtesy of a nice gentleman from Grafton Shire Road Patrol. My protestations that I was in an overtaking lane sadly fell on deaf ears. A short time later, taking a backroad to avoid the mess that is the Pacific Highway under repair and the chaos of Coff’s Harbour, I found myself on a road from Coramba to Dorrigo.

Although it’s less than 50km long I found it one of the most exciting drives I’ve had for yonks, even in an under-powered slushbox.

The road winds through several national parks, has lots of tight hairpins, hills and dips but with occasional glimpes of stretches offering a series of mild esses which not just encourage but demand you put the foot down. Despite being an auto the Yaris is quite sprightly and liked the tight curves.

And it is all through very pretty country with hardly any traffic. Because my beloved, knuckle tightener was present I couldn’t do it full justice. But one day! In the meantime the question is which car? To be honest I think my wife got sick of my repetitive “(expletive) I wish I had the MX-5” but naturally that would be the ideal car for such a road even though about a third was gravel because, honestly with so many similar roads out in that part of the world what other car could you want? I just wonder if it’s ever been part of a rally route.

You’re right on top of some of Rally Australia’s greatest stages there, Richard. They’d be fun even in a flailing auto Yaris.