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ECCENTRIC, NOSTALGIC AND UNASHAMEDLY DIFFERENT It all started with my parents, they loved their old-school cars. My mum has always loved coupes, sheís had everything from a Datsun 180B to a Torana XU1 and a SLR5000. My dad was always into bigger, four-door muscle cars and stuff. So I guess cars are in my blood.

Iíve never really cared a lot about restoring cars to concours condition, or the opposite of building cars to their maximum performance.

I like cars that represent a particular era or culture, thatís why I try to use period-correct parts wherever I can.

Unfortunately with the rise of the internet, I think the car scene is changing for the worse; mainly because people are building cars to appeal to otherís cookie-cutter idea of how to restore or modify a car, rather than creating what they want themselves.

Thatís the concept behind my car club JNC Otaku, which translates to Japanese Nostalgic Car Obsessed. The guys in the club truly are obsessed with their cars, and they have to be. It requires a lot of time, effort and dedication to own and maintain a classic Japanese car, and if youíre going to put in the hard-yards, why not build it the way you want to.

Iím sure some people see my

Civic and shake their head, and I get it, but it reflects who I am and itís the product of a lot of hard work, so I love it.

The engine has been rebuilt with a lumpier cam.

Iíve installed a full exhaust, added a carburettor from a Ford Escort and added a set of rare JDM Advan racing wheels which I sourced from Japan. Thereís lots of little touches around the car, but itís not highly-modified by any means. My arse-dyno is telling me about 120hp, but Iíd like to up that number a little in the near future.

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M y involvement with Jaguar cars spans the last 45 years having been attracted to these vehicles from a very early age. I have been a member of the Queensland Jaguar Drivers Club for over 20 years now, and enjoy the occasional club run and the fellowship of being with other enthusiasts.

When people ask, ďWhy Jaguar?Ē

I reply that I have always felt that they represent wellengineered, visually appealing vehicles sold at an affordable cost. I purchased my car in 1993 recognising at the time that this car was a prime example of the marque.

It left the factory as an automatic but I have since converted it to a full-synchro Jaguar four-speed manual with overdrive for a superior driving experience.

In every other respect the car is as it left the factory, all numbers matching and the same opalescent dark green duco with green leather interior. A ground-up restoration was completed with significant detail and new door skins were fitted, new sills, new front cross-member, all signs of rust eliminated in any panels not replaced, aluminium radiator, all brightwork redone, complete rework of internal timberwork to a very high standard, even the dash clock works and the tool kit is compete right down to the Jaguar embossed shifting spanner. The 3.8-litre motor has had all the necessary work done as has the

overdrive unit.

The automatic cars were all fitted with limited-slip diffs, an option on the manual cars, so as this car was originally an auto it has that feature also.

Electrics have been done with new looms and the brakes and steering are right up there too.

The car comes with four-wheel disc brakes which was way ahead of its time back then.

Glass and rubbers are all done and a stainless steel exhaust has been fitted and it can growl or purr depending on how you choose to drive it.

Billís MkII is currently for sale and he can be contacted via the online advert on our website,

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