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YOU WON'T SEE ONE of these every day – a Studebaker Wagonaire with the fancy slideback roof. Owner Richard Salter was instantly infatuated with the car and undertook a light resto.

Studebaker may not be the highestprofile maker out there, but it built some very stylish cars in its heyday, such as the Hawk or this exceptional Wagonaire.

At first glance it looks like a humble medium-size (for America) wagon, but look closer and see the rear roof slides away top reveal a giant open-top cargo space.

Very practical, as it virtually converts it into a ute, and we can't help wondering why the idea hasn't made a comeback.

Richard applied a relatively light touch with the restoration on this one: doing the paint, tidying up the interior and engine bay. He has however left it in largely original spec, other than choosing a period colour scheme that was a bit more interesting than the standard grey.

It runs a 4.2 litre V8 in the snout, matched to a three-speed auto.

Look for a full story on this, and a fleet of other classic wagons, in an upcoming edition of Unique Cars magazine


1969 WAS A TRULY remarkable year. Mankind headed for the moon, Sesame Street kept the kids transfixed and Australian car companies realised that ‘baby boomers’ had suddenly become a large and lucrative sales target.

A year earlier, Holden had stirred the loins of younger enthusiasts with its shapely race-winning Monaro GTS. To make a Monaro go, though, you needed a V8 and younger people often couldn’t afford or insure one of those.

When Holden’s larger and more aggressive LC Torana range appeared in October 1969 it included a model aimed squarely at buyers in the under-30 age range.

This Torana not only offered a six-cylinder engine where previously there had only been fours but the ‘flagship’ was a 2.6-litre with a dualthroat carburettor, revised cam and larger valves, a chromed air-cleaner and free-flowing exhaust system...

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ARE THESE FORD XY GTs the ultimate survivor cars? (From our archives – first published in Unique Cars 337, 2012) One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. No doubt some of you are looking at the XY GT pictured above and calculating the man hours and dollars required to bring it back to its former showroom glory.

But these cars will never be restored. They are a different sort of show car, cars in which every nut and bolt has a different story to tell, and two owners who are proud to continue the cars’ legacy by sharing their stories with the world. These cars will never be restored, but they will be preserved – not as museum pieces but as unique pieces of Australia’s motoring history.

Bob Holden, owner of the Bronze Wine ‘Outback GT’, is a vocal advocate of leaving cars be unless they have deteriorated to the point of being unusable...

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