Craig Thompson Toowoomba

In the October issue you asked whether Ron Hodgson’s Lotus Cortina was still in Australia. The Cortina was sold to Earle Plumber of Toowoomba in 1993. Earle road registered the car (with no changes) but drove it rarely. I bought the car from Earle in 2005. After 2 years to update the car to then current group N regulations it went back to the track in 2007. Since then it has raced all over Australia. The car is a genuine January 1965 Lotus Cortina and still has its original shell. I have been able to trace all the owners since Ron but not the earlier history. Interestingly, the car was imported by Ford Australia and has a second Australian ID plate repeating the English ID numbers.

As a kid I watched this car racing against the Moffat and Jane Lotus Cortinas at Lakeside. It was a shock to find it in Toowoomba some 25 odd years later not 400m away from my parent’s house where I grew up.

A picture is attached. We’ll be racing at Phillip Island in March.

CLIFF CHAMBERS Hi Craig, Thank you so much for getting in touch. I was sure the car would have survived but not confident it was still in Australia. It is looking exceptional and I’m sure one of the photogs who haunt the Phillip Island Historics will get an equally evocative shot at the next meeting.