Richard Barker St Kilda VIC

You may well have covered your thoughts/opinions on these Australian delivered models in past issues but doing a bit of research recently and in a bid to find an affordable ‘sporty’ morsel, I have noticed the following at seemingly cheap prices with most giving the opportunity for a bit of a ‘wind in the hair’ driving experience and being eligible for Club regional in Victoria. 1988-1992: Toyota Supra Turbo targa (manual/auto?)

Nissan 300ZX targa (manual/auto?)

Toyota MR2 targa manual Honda’s CRX targa and possibly Honda Prelude 4WS with sunroof (manual/auto?)

Mazda MX5 NA and NB manual Mazda Eunos 800M and 800M SP and at a slightly higher price point: Mercedes C32 AMG CLK32 AMG Mercedes SL500 5spd auto Really appreciate your thoughts/advice as to whether you feel these are/ will become appreciable classics if you have time to respond... thanks for reading my email!

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ED Nice selection of Japanese metal there, Richard, although that era wasn’t renowned as a high point in Mercedes’ history.

The C32 was a good idea on paper that was executed quite poorly. You’ll see earlier C43 AMGs fetching more money than the supercharged six-banger and there’s a reason for that.