Phil Minns

Right on, Glenn! Your ĎClassic Conundrumí column really struck a chord with me. My mate has a í50 Chev, and I have a í57 Customline, both on club plates, and we have noticed a few vehicles not really up to club plate Ďstandardí (I think thatís the word... oh, and Iím not referring to your Sigma, itís cool). Someone I know through work, is married to a bloke who has three or four cars, and motorbikes, on club plates, among which are a ratty Camry, and a rattier Prelude! As usual, the few are gonna stuff it up for the majority! Iíve included a photo of one example I spotted. Itís been sitting in this spot for a few months.

EDWe all had a good chuckle at GTís Sigma at first and have subsequently been converted. What one person deems clubworthy is clearly a matter of personal opinion. Letís weed out the obvious rorters though.