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A REALLY INTERESTING car this one: namely a current resto-mod based on a 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302, done up as a Parnelli Jones tribute car.

Rufus Parnell ‘Parnelli’ Jones is regarded as racing royalty in the USA, having tackled pretty much every form of motor racing there.

As for the car, it’s a Mustang fastback that has a very traditional shape for the series, but its builder has decided to update some aspects, including brakes, power steering, air-conditioning, hydraulic clutch, sound system, suspension all round and the instrument cluster.

It’s also running an inbuilt satnav.

The car was built by Sleeping Beauties in Brisbane and, as anyone who knows their work will tell you, they are among the top-echelon restorers/builders in the country.

We’re told the build cost in the region of $250,000, which isn’t surprising. The car is now on the market for half that.

See traduniquecars.com.au.

As for this car, it’s being looked after by Oldtimer Center in Sydney at old.com.au, tel (02) 9569 9999. magazine


WE ADMIRE A GOOD intro here at Unique Cars mag, and rarely will you find better than this, from our resident Holden historian, Dr John Wright: "Arguably, no other car in history has been so carefully conceived for a unique set of circumstances as the Holden 48-215 was. First, it had to suit the very demanding – essentially pioneering – conditions imposed by Australia.

Second, it had to showcase General Motors’ international knowhow to the watching postwar world.

"This may seem a long bow to draw, but it’s true: had Hitler not become Chancellor of Germany, the Holden 48-215 would probably have been a very different car.

"The former lance corporal assumed the top job on 30 January 1933, largely on a promise to restore Germany as a great power.

But there was little chance of his achieving his ultimate goal of world dominance without first reviving the domestic economy."

It's part 1 of our 10-episode farewell to Holden and you can find it online at tradeuniquecarsmag.com.au.

Search for Holden 48-215 or use the QR code below.


HERE'S ONE FROM the extensive archives at tradeuniquecars.com.au: a Pacer buyer guide from 2014.

Though values have been creeping up for this model, they're still achievable.

Our writer says: "At launch in 1970 of the VG range, Chrysler took the Pacer further away in price, equipment and performance from Holden’s Torana. The basic engine became a 4.0-litre, 245 cubic inch ‘six’ with a two-barrel (or 2bbl) carburettor and 138kW. Threespeed transmission was standard (with automatic optional) but four doors weren’t. The Pacer was now available with the two-door, USsourced Hardtop body that had done very well as part of the VF Valiant series.

"Looking to the USA where similar Dodge Darts were sold with 5.9-litre V8s it was obvious what could be done to improve performance.

However the Pacer marketing philosophy was very much centred on a six-cylinder design and no one really contemplated the car with a USA-style driveline."

Search for Chrysler VG Valiant Pacer at our site, or try the QR code.