Lochie Heaney

“Shifting metal was a lot easier when the punters believed what you told ‘em” was a telling intro to Andy Enright’s feature on old car ads. Unfortunately, it’s true.

We’ve become a cynical bunch and we’re always looking for the way that manufacturers are trying to have us over. Before the internet was around, it wasn’t easy to fact check the claims that car makers made in their ads, so the easiest thing to do was to take them at face value.

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that my new company Camira which had the billing ‘For Once You Don’t Have to Compromise On Anything’ was, in fact, a hateful bag of snot. That’s when I stopped believing.

Great feature by the way. Had me laughing out loud several times over.

Cheers, Lochie, and sorry to hear that your Camira didn’t live up to expectations. I guess if you were shopping for a hateful bag of snot, the Camira was the pre-eminent no-compromise choice. Look out for a part two of the ad series coming soon.