Ian McLachlan Via email

Loved the ‘Get an Orphan’ article in Issue 397 about the BMW 850i and Subaru SVX.

Ever since I saw a disgusting green 850i at the Sydney Motor Show in 1989, I have been fascinated with them.

Finally just over four years ago I was able to afford one. I picked up a $240,000 car for $18,000. Admittedly it was 21 years old and needed some love, but you have to admit it’s a whole lot of car for not many dollars. To me it has styling that is classic but I don’t think will ever really date. And then there is that engine. It’s a massive lump of 12 cylinder aluminium; not overly powerful by today’s standards (my 135i has more power) but it is impressive to behold, and is still incredibly smooth when cruising down the freeway.

She gets great looks when she comes out for a run, and she’s even managed to pull a few awards from some shows she has entered. Anyway, I love her and just enjoy all that she has to offer.

BMW Clubs Australia Nationals are on in Brisbane across the Easter weekend, so if you are on the freeway north of Sydney on the Thursday you just might see us cruising along on the way to the festivities. Give us a toot if you spot us.

ED We love the BMW 8 Series here at Unique – just check out the beautiful Alpina version in this month’s Auction Action. The V12 is a very special engine but I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to take the plunge on one. The 840Ci was always my favourite version with a nadge less weight up front making it feel a little bit nimbler.