IT WOULD be pretty easy to stroll by this thing, maybe mutter “Nice Jag” and keep going. But, apart from the exceptional condition of the body, there’s something else that nags at the brain and forces a second look.

Ah, right, this is anything but your standard and nicely-restored Mark II.

Nope, it’s been given a fairly comprehensive re-engineering to turn it into a classic cruiser with a load of modern creature comforts.

Under the bonnet you’re looking at a 3.8lt straight six with triple SU carburettors, fitted with auto cold start.

The cooling and charging systems have been upgraded.

If you had the time to pop it onto a hoist, you’d also find a significantly-improved brake system (with XJ components involved), independent rear end and upgraded springs and dampers. Plus it’s running a limited-slip differential.

Inside we have power everything: windows, central locking and front seats (out of an XJ8. The there’s the in-dash satnav and air-conditioning. Of course being an upmarket English car, that lot is wrapped wtih Connolly leather and Wilton carpet.

By now you’re probably getting the idea. On show at Paradise Garage in Sydney, it fits the current trend towards building revival cars, with the shape and sound we got to love, but with some modern touches added to make them a much more live-able and reliable package. It’s become a mini-industry world-wide.

I reckon the idea has a huge amount of appeal, and potentially gives you two cars in one: a reliable Sunday driver and a classic. A really interesting gadget...


ENGINE 3.8lt, DOHC six POWER 160kW @ 5500rpm (stock) TORQUE 325Nm @ 3000rpm (stock) TRANSMISSION automatic WEIGHT 1500kg TOP SPEED 200km/h (stock) PRICE $139,950 ON SALE at Paradise Garage Sydney