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1966 FORD MUSTANG $69,000


YOU KNOW what I miss most during winter months? Itís cruising around in my Mustang with the windows down on a warm summerís evening.

They always tell you to be wary of buyerís remorse, but what about sellerís remorse? No one warned me about that when I sold my í66 GT350 Mustang a while back. Iíve owned a bunch of different metal since then, but the ĎStang left a lasting impression that nothing so far has been able to replicate. So, when I came across this beauty it was hard not to give it a mention.

It may not be a GT350, but itís got an A code 289ci motor with a four on the floor manual and a sweet looking interior.

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2017 FORD MUSTANG GT $66,990

WHEN THE logical side of my brain kicks in, which I admit is rarely, I think that maybe, instead of dealing with the headaches of running something like an old Mustang, why not just get a brand new one? I reckon they look ace, particularly this one in ĎGrabberí blue, and the Coyote 5.0lt V8 under the bonnet is a truly excellent donk thatís bristling with character.

Whatís more, if youíre a speed demon there is now a number of tuning houses in Oz that will gladly turn your stock 306kW into much, much more and with a parts warranty to boot.

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1992 PORSCHE 964 911 RS POA

NOW THIS beauty would definitely heat things upÖ mainly because it has no air-con. Actually, this stripped down rocket didnít come with much comfort gear at all: no radio, no power windows, no rear seats, no cruise control and no sound deadening. What you do get is a very rare, lightweight example of one of the best generations of 911. It has a ramped-up engine, light flywheel, limited slip diff, track suspension, magnesium wheels and thinner glass. All in all, this car is more than 150kg lighter than your average 911 and a shedload faster.

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YES, I AGREE that the way a car looks is always in the eye of the beholder, but seriously, I donít think thereís any question that the second-gen Chevy Malibu is the best looking by far, especially the hardtop coupe guise. This one looks to have all the right bits including a worked 350ci Chev V8, four-speed M21 manual box and a host of go-fast bits. The owner reckons that itíll run 12.1 at 121mph, which would scare the daylights out of most traffic light warriors, and I reckon itíd sound a lot better than most too.

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2002 HOLDEN MONARO CV6 $16,999

SURE, THEREís plenty of V2 and VZ Monaros still getting about (although more and more are being stuck in garages for speculative purposes), but when was the last time you saw one that didnít have a V8? Rumour has it that for every V2 Monaro CV6 that was sold, ten CV8s were sold.

So, as a result of our almost patriotic proclivity for the uneven rumble of a bent eight, not many blown 6-cylinder Monaros have existed, ever.

This one looks particularly sweet in factory ĎHot Houseí green and, for those looking at a smart buy for the future, I donít reckon youíll get much better than this.

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1974 GMC 3500 $39,000

THEREíS NOTHING like a good old American pick-up truck to make you think ďJeez, why the hell is that thing so big?Ē And the funny part is, Iím not even talking about the generous proportions of this star-spangled throwback. No, Iím talking about the size of the power plant squeezed into the engine bay, itís a big block Chevy V8, and rest assured ĎBigí is the operative word, because itís a whopping 454ci (7.4lt). So, itís big on character, big on engine size and probably bigger still on petrol bills.

Good thing itís such an awesome looking truck.

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1980 DATSUN 280ZX $48,000

WHAT DO you reckon the average mileage of a car built 37 years ago is? 200,000? 300,000?

Well, this 280ZX is bucking that trend, and then some. According to seller, this Japanese wonder has travelled an absurdly low 25,000 kilometres from new! And judging from the pictures, it shows, the interior and exterior both look like theyíve just been defrosted after being cryogenically frozen for the last three-and-a-bit decades. The 280ZX is a proper glimpse into the past, with enough red velour to make the set of a 70s adult film blush. Actually, Iím surprised itís not sporting a handlebar moustache.

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HEREíS ONE for all you track fiends out there, the Renault Megane may well be one of the hottest, if not the hottest, of hatchbacks. These are truly epic little cars and can worry some supposedly much faster metal, whether it be on a track or on a twisty back road. With a killer-driveline-combo of 200kW turbo motor, 6-speed manual gearbox and proper limited slip differential powering a chassis the gods may well have designed, this Megane is a seriously potent Gallic package. I donít care who you are, if you like driving fast around corners then thereís few cars that are better, and if you disagree, thatís your problem, not the carís.

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