A Tribute for me

Kim Edmeades Narembeen, WA

I refer to Cliff Chambers article, Is it cool to own a Tribute in issue 404.

Not being well-heeled enough to be fanatical about authenticity and being a country boy for the last sixty and some years, the idea of a replica is very appealing.

I have a love for Vettes Cobras and Aussie muscle from the seventies. The cost of the genuine item is scary to the point where if I did fork out for the genuine item I would feel obliged to be super cautious about where, when and why it is on the road and not in the shed appreciating in value.

A replica on the other hand can be obtained at a price that is far more realistic and, given that, if I owned a replica I would have very little reservation about being on the long, wide, black strip, letting the car do what it was built for!