This yearís Northern Beaches Muscle Car show built on the success of last yearís event, with an extraordinary turn-out of machinery. The range went from stock through to wildly modded, all the way up to a spectacular Batman movie replica.

The driving force behind the show is Carmine Vescio.

ďNorthern Beaches Muscle Cars started nearly two years ago when I lost my brother,Ē he explained, ďSo I wanted to do something to keep occupied. He was a car enthusiast, so we started the page with around 100 people and it now has 3200 members on it.

ďWe have monthly shows, plus the big one at the end of the year. We do a lot of charity events Ė for 2017 and 2018 it is in aid of the Pancare Foundation, in memory of my father.Ē

This year a highlight was having Bev and Robert Brock as guests of honour, and they were over the moon to be picked up by the A9X Torana in Brock/Harvey livery (see over the page).

You can find the Northern Beaches Muscle Car group on Facebook.


THIS CAR was owned by Wayne Quine in the Torana club for over 20 years, then I bought it off him in 2014 and restored it to where it is now.

Holden had it built it up as a promo car and weíve taken it back to what they did, including the original material for the trim. The motor is back to the original specs, with the race Webers and catch can, itís got the right build codes for what they raced with back in the day. So itís pretty much identical to what it was back in 1978, with some good work from Bellevue Bodyworks and Cools Auto Trim.

Bev and Robert Brock were visiting the show and I won the draw to pick them up at the airport. They loved it. Itís a car where you get pulled up Ė by the time you get anywhere youíve had a million and one conversations.

The previous owner has seen it and is happy with what weíve done.

CELICA V8 Ernie Hudson

BACK IN 1988 when I first bought the car, I took the stock motor out and put the 18RG twin cam in it. I thought it was pretty quick, but went for a ride in a mateís Commodore with a pretty sick V8 in it. I was impressed by the power and started looking at my options.

The Cleveland was such a good motor to use because so much is interchangeable on it.

When I first engineered the car, it was registered as a 02 Cleveland Ė thatís now stroked and bored to 420 cubic inches, so itís come a long way. It runs a Powerglide, a trans brake and big stall converter, plus a 9-inch with a tracklocater, three-quarter chassis and a four-link plus coil-overs Ė itís effectively a race back end.

Itís been evolving over a long time and Iím now pretty happy with the final product.


I BOUGHT this car over 20 years ago. Itís a 1968 and Iím only the second owner.

Iíve always loved them, since I was a kid Ė my brother-in-law had one.

It took a while to find the right one Ė a clean one-owner car. I come from a family of panel beaters and am one myself, as well as a motor mechanic, so I slowly did the restoration myself. It didnít need much at all. It was basically a rustless car Ė just a couple of spots here and there Ė so we tidied up the paint.

Itís only showing 35,000 miles and the interior is the untouched original.

Itís got the 307 V8 with the two-speed Powerglide and it still drives like a new car. Even the front discs are the originals.

When people see it, they canít believe it. Iíve got the original numberplates, plus all the books.

I hardly drive it, but itís an easy car to get in and just start it and go for a drive. You donít feel worked up, itís just comfortable and does everything right.


THIS WAS pretty much all thanks to Craig at Mustang Motorsport down in Victoria. We just turned up there at the right time and the right place. I went down looking to get some modifications to my car, but not liking the Roushes or Shelbys, I wanted something individual.

I sort of whinged and carried on a little and it so happened that a week before that they released the Allan Moffat edition in Queensland Ė they showed me a brochure that was an artistís impression, and I said thatís it, I have to have one.

They built two and since then the decision has been made not to do any more. So Craig has the 01 build and I have 02. I am extremely happy Ė no two are the same. Craigís is naturally aspirated, where mine has the Phase 3 750 Whipple supercharger. Itís absolutely beautiful to drive.