The annual Euroa show, these days billed as the Australian National Show and Shine, is one of those Ďmust-seeí events in our calandar. It takes over the local parks and several streets with a really eclectic mix of machinery.

This year was no exception. The vast trophy table, groaning under the weight of metal on offer, was a clear indicator of how much work goes into the organisation. As always, a great event.

1960 MGA 1600 MKII Russ Denny

ITíS AN ORIGINAL car - thatís why I bought it seven years ago. I had looked at a fair few and for me that was the attraction. I always liked them when I was a kid. A special style, something a bit unique, suited what I liked.

I couldnít afford one when I was younger so I had to wait. They are a timeless shape.

Itís quite good to drive, youíve got to be on the ball a little bit with them.

Youíve got to really drive it, unlike a modern car, .

I live here in Euroa, but am also a member of the Melbourne MG Car Club because itís good back-up.

Iíve been judging here today Ė the Bolwells. It hasnít been too strenuous as there are only four of them!.

1967 CHEVROLET NOVA II Greg & Tracy Whitelaw

TRACY IS THE driving force behind this car. Iíve had lots of other modified cars over the years Ė for example an FC with a 400 small block that used to run 10.5 at Calder years ago.

This time I built the car for both of us as a weekend driver. I bought it in May this year. It went straight to All Race Fabrications in Hallam Ė he put a 9-inch in it and weíve mini-tubbed it. The interior is all original. In fact the whole car was when it came out of California.

The engine is a 283 and Iíve decided to build another small block, something like a 400 road engine.

Iíve loved these cars for years Ė I have a little Staffy and her name is Nova!