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Peter Axford 1970 JUNIOR ZAGATO

THIS RARE LITTLE TWO-SEATER LOVES A GOOD THRASH ON THE TRACK I t was owned by my brother-in-law and with the help of a local workshop they finished it, not long before he was sadly taken with cancer.

In the year or so before he passed away he said he was going to leave me the car and his helmet Ė he always wanted to use the car on the track and never had the opportunity. So he insisted I use both on the track. Consequently itís been to Phillip Island five times Mallala a couple of times.

Itís just fantastic on the track. Itís so nimble. Like most 1300s it has a short fifth gear, so it feels like itís accelerating for most of the

straight at Phillip Island.

You feel like youíre doing a million miles an hour because youíre so close to the ground Ė itís just delightful.

Because itís based on an Alfa Spyder and and had the extra strengthening in the sills, most of the weight is down low and the centre of gravity is brilliant. It weighs 900 kilos and has the pistons and liners from a 1600 and bigger inlet valves, along with higher lift and duration cams. At the back wheels it was showing 103hp on the dyno.

Itís still easy to drive, with lots of torque. Itís running a five-speed box and four-wheel discs.

I think a couple have come into the country in the last year, so there are probably eight or nine in Australia but only two or three on the road. (Peter runs Eurosport Automotive in Adelaide.)

Nisbet Marshall 1956 AUSTIN HEALEY

IT CROSSED THE PACIFIC TO GET HERE AND NOW ITíS READY TO CROSS THE CONTINENT T his Healey was found in a shed in America on the other side of San Jose. It had been languishing there for 27 years and the engine was seized solid.

For these cars, 90 per cent of them went to America. When you buy them, you try to get them from California or another dry state. The car hadnít travelled very far from where it was delivered, which was San Francisco.

Basically it was a rust-free car and itís now been fully restored.

The engine has had a lot of work, including Cosworth pistons. There are a lot of Denis Welch Motorsport components in there as well Ė valves, reduction gear starter, electronic ignition. Basically what itís for is bolt-in

reliability. I can jump in and press the button, it will start and I can go to Perth or wherever I like.

The brakes and tyres have been upgraded Ė weíre living in 2017 now and you need to do this. It has discs in the front and it has a booster.

Iíve always loved Austin Healeys. Theyíre an elegant and beautiful car.

Itís great to drive. My son drives it harder than me Ė weíve had it at track days and it does 100mph (160km/h) no worries. But Iím not so keen on having fresh sets of tyres burned up!

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Geoff Cuthbert 1928 FORD MODEL A

IT MAY BE NEARING 90 YEARS OF AGE BUT THIS LITTLE FORD WILL TACKLE ANYTHING T his was my first vintage or classic car, bought way back in 1981 when I was only 18 and it had been given a cosmetic restoration. My father wasnít a car nut and thought wanting to buy an old car was a waste of money. So I found out how much he spent on cigarettes and saved the same amount over a few years to pay for the Ford. He couldnít really say much then.

It let me down on the way home Ė it had a cracked engine block and we fixed it. I was really lucky in that I met a lot of people in the car movement who were happy to help me learn how to fix these cars. I think you get a lot more enjoyment out of them when you can, because youíre not terrified of it breaking down.

This car has done a lot of trips over the years. I went on every possible run when I was young. Itís been to Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia and Iím now based in Tasmania.

I think its record is a 10,000km trip I did for 10 cents. Well, that was the total repair cost. A nut had fallen of an exhaust bracket at the back of the car, so I bought a nut and washer for five cents each. I could have saved five cents as the washer was still there!

One thing I tell people is that if youíre looking at a car of this age, the Model A is a good place to start. Theyíre reliable, go and stop okay, and you can get everything for them.

Really youíll have just as much fun with one of these as a Rolls-Royce! (Geoff is tour leader on the Tas Targa Classic Rallye)

Cars of this era are commonly fetching $25- 35k.

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