FERRARI 365 GT4 2+2

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A FERRARI SEEMS to be one of things you should probably own once in your life, if you can somehow rustle up the substantial money required.

With premium models becoming international investment vehicles rather than actual cars, you could be forgiven for giving up hope altogether of ever owning one Ė particularly when the numbers climb up well into the millions.

However at a time when a Torana A9X hatchback can sell for $275,000 (as one did recently at Shannons, in Sydney Ė see Auction Action this issue), a V12 Ferrari for half that money doesnít seem like such a ludicrous proposition. In fact, it almost makes sense.

Now anyone looking at this reasoning will probably challenge that with yes, the purchase price is good, but what about the maintenance? And thatís where you can sometimes need reasonably deep pockets. It is, after all, an exotic car, not a Camry.

The trick however is to buy one thatís good to start with, and this 365 GT4 2+2 seems to qualify on that front. Itís a locally-delivered car with a fair bit of known history and by all reports runs well.

Big Euro GT cars from the seventies have been making a comeback over the last five years or so, and we suspect something like this would be a fairly safe place to park your money while you played with it. Talk to Oldtimer Australia, in sunny Brisbane.

vital stats

1974 FERRARI 365 GT4 2+2


BODY Unitary

ENGINE 4.4-litre V12

POWER 250kW @ 6200rpm

TORQUE 432Nm @ 4000rpm 0-100km/h 7.3s 400m 14.9s

GEARBOX 5-speed manual

SUSPENSION Double wishbone (f and r)

BRAKES Disc/disc