Club info:

Eric Christie

We got going in the Melbourne suburbs about a quarter of a century ago. We have at least one run every month, plus a host of other regular events during the years, such as shows and meeting up at swap meets.

Really the point behind the club is that it’s a great source of knowledge on these cars. We’re only a small club, but the network is very useful.

We are a classic plate permit club, but there’s a 12-month qualifying period.

We’re a pretty friendly mob and accept other Fords as well to mix things up a little.

Notting Hill pub is our regular meeting spot, on the second Tuesday of the month.

They’re a good old cruiser and it will happily sit on 80mph all day. Really, they’re bulletproof.

Eric Christie

My car (the green Fairlane shown here) is typical of what you’ll find in the club and is something that I fell in love with as a kid and later decided I had to have. At that stage, about 15 years ago, GTs and that sort of thing were too expensive, but Fairlanes were still very affordable.

This one, a 1971 ZD, has the 302 V8 with a C4 auto and the period Cragar wheels.

It’s not a concourse car and I’ve done very little to it really, preferring to leave it alone and just use it.

Club info:

President: Anthony Young

Meetings: see webpage

Web: falconfairlaneclub.org.au