FOR THE FIRST time French brand CitroŽn is the featured marque of the Pebble Beach Concours díElegance, making its debut on August 26, 2018.

Gracing the manicured 18th fairway at the world-famous classic car gathering will be an assortment of innovative cars from the French maker, as depicted in the event poster.

The first car is the futuristic DS that debuted at the 1955 Paris Auto Show, where its unique styling and sheet metal attracted over 80,000 orders within a week. The iconic DS featured radical hydro-pneumatic suspension as well as hydraulically operated brakes, steering, and transmission, giving the DS outstanding high-speed stability. The DS was also the first car to have swivelling headlights to light the edge of the road when cornering.

Enthusiast Jeffrey Fisher likens CitroŽns to couturier dresses Ė ďbecause they feature some of the highest number of interior and exterior permutations for a car ever.Ē The poster features three cars from Fisherís collection that illustrate the progression of the CitroŽn DS from middle class family car to post-war work of art.

At the forefront of the poster is the two-tone blue 1966 CitroŽn DS 21 Chapron Le Leman Coupť, one of just 24 produced. This very car starred at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show; according to experts it represents the pinnacle of CitroŽn custom coachwork. The green 1967 DS 21 Chapron Cabriolet díUsine was transformed to a convertible from the factory while the Yellow DS 19 captures the essence of the original DS.

All three CitroŽns have been fully restored by renowned expert Vincent Crescia, who currently operates out of the very building that housed his fatherís CitroŽn dealership.

ďInterest in CitroŽn among collectors has seen exponential growth in recent years, and the Concours is pleased to showcase custom coachwork CitroŽns that offer the best of French technology and design,Ē said Concours Chairman Sandra Button.

Barry Rowe, a member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society (AFAS), explores the evolving relationship between the automobile, society, and daily life. In portraying cars, he is renowned for his use of light and colour.

The Pebble Beach Concours díElegance commences August 21, 2018 and over the following days hosts displays, auctions, forums, reunions culminating in the judging and awards ceremony on the 26th.