WHEN YOUNG Craig Dean from Mustang Motorsport calls to announce that heís having a garage sale, you know itís not going to be one of two hollowed out wrecks in the back yard, plus a box of assorted spanners and some old workshop manuals. Nope, thereís going to be some interesting gear.

Whatís going on? ďToo many projects,Ē says Craig, ďAnd Iíve come to the realisation that Iím not going to get to all of them.Ē

Letís start with the recent gear thatís ready to drive: a 2013 Saleen Mustang, 2012 GT350 Shelby and 2007 GT500 Shelby. The first, the Saleen, is of course supercharged and lays claim to a 627hp spec and is signed by Steve Saleen. Apparently itís the only one in the country. The GT350 meanwhile is running a Ford Racing supercharger with a 627hp rating for the 5.0lt V8 and the GT500 a 605hp supercharged 5.4lt engine.

If project cars are more your thing, thereís a 2012 Mustang GT rolling shell with Black Griggs race suspension, or a very complete-looking 1967 GTA. We have to admit, that last one is our pick as itís a very desirable model and looked like a fairly straight-forward revival project.

Since weíre in the sixties, thereís also a 1967 shell with a huge list of chassis modifications, set up for something extreme in the powerplant department.

Over in another shed, Dean has another 1967 Mustang (clearly his favourite year at some stage), this time a show-winner that was a cover car on Street Machine magazine back in October/November 1995. This one has had a huge amount of work invested in it and looks like it just needs a relatively light recommissioning.

Thereís also a 1970 Ford Maverick Grabber resto project Ė when was the last time you saw one of those? Oh, and nearby thereís a 1982 Dodge Ram with a 440 under the bonnet.

Last is a real rarity, a 1986 Fiero Ferrari replica. These things were built in the heyday of kit cars and were modelled loosely on a 308, designed to re-wrap a Pontiac Fiero. Of course Ferrari did not see the funny side of it and there was a settlement out of court. Craigís example needs a resto.

You can find out more via Mustang Motorsport at (03) 8373 7099 or