IMPROVED PRODUCTION and Heritage Touring Car classes will be returning as the main support act to the Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour race at Easter 2019

Improved Production Racing grows in stature with starring appearances at the Bathurst 12 Hour and Adelaide 500 Supercars Events. They're set to bring a full 55-car field of fanfavourites to Mt Panorama.

“Improved Production racing at Bathurst has always been spectacular and we’re excited to be partnering with James O’Brien and the very popular 6-hour event on our return,” said category representative, Garry Mennell.

“The different strengths and weaknesses of the cars involved allow them to be strong at different points of the circuit – some better down Conrod, some faster across the top. That, and the huge variety in the field, from rotaries and turbocharged cars to later model Holdens and Fords, promotes fantastic racing.

“We know competitors from around Australia will flock to the HI-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour to be part of the action and we’re certain of another full grid.”

Heritage Touring Cars return with a rich history of endurance racing at the famed circuit behind them, comprising genuine examples of both Group C (1974-1984) and Group A (1985-1992) cars.

These are the cars that raced in many Bathurst 1000s – they continue to present in original liveries and specifications as raced back in the day.

Nissan’s iconic GT-R ‘Godzillas’ will take on Ford Sierra RS500s as in the early 90s while Group C Holden Commodores and Ford Falcons will recall the Brock-v-Johnson era of Bathurst racing.

“We’re the custodians of these magnificent Group C and A touring cars, and we love taking them to the track for everyone to enjoy,” said Heritage Touring Cars director, Ed Singleton.

“There is no better opportunity to show them off and share them with the fans than a blast around Mt Panorama at the Bathurst 6 Hour event.

“We’ll be assembling a big field of Heritage Touring Cars, made up of Godzilla Nissan GTRs, Ford Sierras, BMWs and Walkinshaw Commodores, big banger Commodores, Falcons, Torana’s, Escorts and Corollas, all battling for class honours right through the pack.”

The Improved Production and Heritage Touring Cars will do battle over three sprint races over the weekend.

The 2019 Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour will be held on the Easter long weekend April 19-21.