MELBOURNE'S LORBEK Luxury Cars has recently taken on the uber-performance brand Koenigsegg as part of its exotic stable.

Launched over a series of customer events, the move fits well with Lorbek's history of selling high-end exotica from Ferrari Lamborghini and the like.

Swedish brand Koenigsegg is a relative youngster in that company, having started in 1994 under the stewardship of Christian von Koenigsegg.

It quickly established itself as a top-echelon hypercar builder, rivalling and at times beating the likes of McLaren in its race for assorted supercar records. Its top-end models claim speeds in excess of 400km/h with prices to match.

According to the company blog: "Koenigsegg partnered with importer, Prodigy Automotive, and leading luxury dealership Lorbek Luxury Cars to establish the company’s first factoryauthorised, full-service and aftersales representation in Australia."

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