Paul Chetcuti 1967 VW BEETLE



This car is my daily driver and it has a name Ė Agatha. Iíve had my 1967 Volkswagen Beetle Deluxe for five years. As Iíve never owned an air cooled car before I was a little hesitant but I loved the look.

When I got her she was a tidy plain old car running stock 1300 motor and four- speed gearbox.

It Iíve always had a passion for anything old and I think I got that from my dad.

As soon as she hit my garage I started searching for any 1960s accessories to dress her up and make her stand out from the crowd.

The accessories list includes a rear luggage rack, wheel fender spats, Venetian blind, sunvisor, original radio, gear stick ashtray, dash vase, bamboo parcel shelf, wheel trims, fender gravel guards, white wall tyres and original mud flaps! There are a lot more of small detail accessories to finish the look.

Apart from being fully loaded with accessories and getting a wax once a week she also gets serviced three times a year just to keep her running at her best.

I love heading down the highway with no particular destination in mind and just cruising in the left hand lane watching the world rush by.

Living on the Gold Coast I mostly head down to Byron Bay but Iíve been as far as Grafton just for a drive.

As itís still running the stock air cooled motor and drum brakes, I drive her to her limit.

Sheís definitely not in showroom condition but sheís a good old girl who puts a smile on my face every time I take her out for a drive.


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