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STRAIGHT LINE grunt is what this sharp-looking device is all about. Plymouth wasnít going to miss out on the growing muscle car scene dominated by the Mustang and Camaro, so they created a series of fast coupes that was eventually to include the Roadrunner. This Satellite refers to the then all-important space race and runs a big block 383 V8 under its long bonnet. A darling of the deserted country road drag race set (long before the fast and furious mob), this stunner underwent a seven year nut and bolt resto. Every panel looks as new as it was when it rolled out of a dealership somewhere in the US of A. The running gear works like new and it will certainly turn heads everywhere you go. Best of all, itís unlikely youíll see many like it as very few lobbed here.

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1974 FORD XB FALCON 500 $23,900

WHAT a great way to enjoy some 70s family motoring when Aussie cars ruled the roads. The XB was a good looker and finding one unrestored and unmolested like this 74,000 mile, Deep Aqua with parchment interior Falcon 500 is well worth a look. It runs the 250ci 6 cylinder and old school three-on-the-tree column manual. At some stage a dual exhaust was flung under it, but it can easily be unflung and replaced with an original for authenticity. The sun visor and vinyl roof options add a touch of class to the family hauler and it all looks to be in excellent and nick. Good buying I reckon.

1996 ALAN JONES EF GT $44,000

HANDS UP who knew our World F1 champ Alan Jones lent his name to a limited edition Ford Falcon GT? Given that only two were made, they are rarer than the proverbial rocking horse poo and one hell of a collectorís piece! This is the first one off the line and buying it gives you 50 per cent of total production. In its snout is an upgraded 5-litre V8 and four-speed self shifter. Undeneath is Bilstein suspension, bigger brakes, exhaust and alloy wheels, inside are carbon bits and bobs on the dash and on top a bodykit and the Alan Jones signature.

1988 NISSAN SKYLINE SVD 1 $12,500

AS IT came time for Nissan to make a trick and quick version of its Ausse Skyline they knew they couldnít do much about its square rigger looks. Instead they enlisted a couple of blokes called Richards and Skaife, who knew their way around a car and racetracks and drove very fast Nissans on weekends for a living, to make these SVD Skylines go harder, stop better and scoot through corners. To make it look different a body kit and sporty seats were added. Only 200 were made and very few remain.

1990 MERCEDES-BENZ 420 $24,000

WHEN new this Benz cost $152,000 which was a damn sight more than a decent size house in the suburbs and about the same size too. It was chock full of gizmos and I reckon one of the last Benzes to be carved from a billet of steel, not made by a sum of parts. Yeah, they donít make Ďem like this anymore. With waftamtic suspension delivering a magic carpet ride, a gentle cruise to coast or country on a sunny day with the sunroof open and the reward of a hearty lunch is what this car is made for. Now its yours for the price of a small hatchback.

2000 BULLET MAZDA MX-5 $54,900

TAKE ONE Mazda MX5, give it a fettling to within an inch of its life and the result is this creation, known as the Bullet. Thatís what itís called and thatís what it goes like. Only 24 were built in this guise with a supercharged V8 shoehorned into its nose. Its acceleration will give you nosebleed and I can only imagine driving one on the edge would be tricky and require loads of bravery pills. How much fun could you have though? Imagine sitting in this unassuming little MX5 at the lights, next to something exotic, you plant your foot, the V8 volcanic eruption occurs and catapults you up the road. Sounds like fun with a capital F.


PRICES for Aussie classics like this LJ GTR Torana are going berserk. Over the years a few of the Generalís hottest iron lions have lived in my shed and seeing this mustard LJ GTR brought back many great memories of memorable drives. It has had a bare metal restoration and comes with its original matching numbers, but rebuilt 202 engine with triple SU carbies and extractors, an M20 gearbox and 3.08 Banjo diff. Since then it has travelled a mere 200 miles and has been fitted with a Torana XU1 rear spoiler and Globe Sprintmasters.


IíVE ALWAYS had a soft spot for the Chevy Impala but have never managed to find the right one to slide into the collection. Until now. This í64 model was bought new off the showroom floor in Cleveland Ohio and in the same year shipped to Canberra, where it has lived ever since. But between Cleveland and Canberra it journeyed the length of Route 66 and in more recent times has undergone a restoration to near new. It remains in its original left-hand drive layout and under its long bonnet lives a 283ci V8 bolted to an auto gearbox.

BEFORE HANDING OVER YOUR HARD EARNED $$$ please ensure you have any potential purchase inspected, as a tight travel budget and a lack of psychic powers mean we cannot vouch for the individual cars we highlight.