ONE OF THE MOST keenly contested races at the Goodwood Revival is the Settrington Cup for junior drivers in Austin J40 pedal cars.

The Austin Junior Car factory opened in 1949, paid for by government funds and run on a not-for-profit basis for the employment of 250 disabled coal miners. Production began in 1950 and they were made from metal off-cuts from the Longbridge Austin factory.

The J40 features a dummy OHV “engine” with spark plugs and leads, working headlights and horn, detachable wheels with Dunlop pneumatic tyres, reallife fascia panel and leather seating. It has an opening bonnet, boot and chrome bumpers, hubcaps, grille and boot handle.

The J40 sold for 33 pounds equating to 2-3 weeks wages for the average working man. Production totalled 32,098 and ceased in September 1971.