BELIEVE IT or not, this is an HX Holden Sandman panelvan! Its a childhood dream! chuckles owner Ty of the Sandman project he bought four years ago. I had one when I was 18 or 19 and Ive always wanted another one. Im a big fan of the green ones so when this came up for sale, I grabbed it!

When delivered as a just-about complete (but unregistered) vehicle to Pro Street Restorations in NSWs Hunter Valley, there were obvious bubbles in the usual HQ-WB Holden rust areas. A closer inspection by Pro Streets Greg Beach Ball revealed more rust and behind-the-scenes problems. The decision was made to largely disassemble the Sandman, spot-weld by spot-weld, to reveal all the problems before the car was media-stripped to bare steel by Imperial Blasting.

The complete restoration will be achieved using a mixture of original, secondhand, hand-fabricated, NOS (new old stock) and reproduction panels including a Rare Spares front plenum panel and the companys recently launched reproduction van/ute rear quarterpanels. Mechanically, the car will retain its original, but completely refreshed factory V8 driveline.

I already realise that with all the panel work and all the little details we need to get it spot-on original, its going to be close to a hundred grand, and might be worth $70K when its finished, says Ty with another laugh. I already have a few cars so I understand the effort and costs involved.

But things like this Im not doing it for resale; Im doing it because I want to. Its intended that the restored V8 Sandman will be cruising the NSW coast looking for beach babes by summer 2019.


This XB Falcon hardtop Touring Car Masters car, punted by Eddie Abelnica to good effect in recent seasons, is about to come up for auction at Grays Online, in the last week of October.

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