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1973 MAZDA RX3 $80,000


CANíT SAY I was ever a huge fan of 70s Japanese metal but I remember these RX3s went like rocketships and the prices are now going the same way Ė upwards and fast. Theyíve always been popular with modifiers, now they are commanding plenty and becoming a real collectorís piece, especially original cars. So this one with a full resto, an original and rebuilt 10a engine and 55,000 miles under its belt is rarer than a lotto win. Although less appealing to some than the twodoor, that was a racetrack regular in the 70s, itís a very tantalising proposition.

1972 DE TOMASO PANTERA $213,000

OR AS THEY were known at the time, a De Tomato Pants-Tearer.

The Pantera, Italian for Panther, had a Ford 351 V8 that sat behind your head and they weighed about as much as a biro, so they went like a scalded cat.

From memory they handled better than one too. This left hooker has only done 44,000 miles and claims original condition save for the Edelbrock manifold and Holley carby.

The body, paint brakes and suspension have been given a freshen up and if you want to get noticed, this will help your cause.

1978 FORD FAIRMONT XC GS $48,000

THE LAST OF the curvaceous Falcons Ė before the straight-edged XD, the XC with the GS pack was a favourite when I was a young fella. Finding an original unmodified one isnít easy and adding to its rarity is the lusty 302 V8 and four-speed manual gearbox. Claiming matching numbers, virtually no rust and 103,000km from new, at the money it is good buying The two-way tailgate was seen as a novelty but actually very handy and I really like the white over orange paintwork.

1995 HSV SENATOR VS $22,500

LOOKING AT THIS HSV itís hard to believe itís celebrating its 23rd birthday. Itís also hard to believe it only has 185kW. But that was a big number for a family hauler back then. The VS Senator was the luxo model with an assortment of creature comforts and styling input from legendary Ian Callum of Jag and Aston Martin fame. Just 403 were made and this one has only had a couple of owners and claims to be fully documented from new. An untouched one is hard to find and still half a decent thing to pedal.

1976 HOLDEN TORANA SS LX $104,500

GIVEN THE PRICE of genuine A9Xs itís no wonder tributes have also gained in value. This one started life as a six-cylinder SS but a full resto saw the engine and box flung for a much tastier 308 V8 and M21 four-speed manual. Adding to its appeal is the A9X repro flares, bonnet scoop and re-trimmed slate-colour interior. It rolls on A9X style GTS rims with new rubber. Either as an A9X tribute or a genuine credentialed factory-built LX SS Torana, itís potentially a good thing.

1966 AMPHICAR 770 $125,000

CANíT DECIDE ON a cruise or driving holiday this summer? Buy this and you can have both! Modelled on the VW Schwimmwagen this is the car that started the amphibious car craze, or crazy amphibious cars. Anyway, it was the first commercially available car-boat and took 15-years to develop. Only 3878 were made and few survive today. And no, they havenít all sunk. Top speed from its Triumph Herald engine was 70mph on land and 7mph on water, hence the model designation 770. Historically this is one to have if surf and turf motoring is your thing.

1964 JAGUAR S TYPE $6,500

DO YOU HAVE a hankering for an old Jaguar and want to undertake a project? This might tempt you. It seems the owner cooked the engine so itís only running on five cylinders. A rebuild is the first thing its gonna need. And the transmission is from a Series II XJ6. So youíll have to find a manual box to get it back to how it was. And the seats arenít English leather, more like Australian cloth. So there are three items to start your To Do list. Still, the body looks alright and it would be rewarding to turn it back into the car that left Browns Lane in Coventry in 1964.


THEREíS NO DOUBTING the popularity of the Mustang in Australia and, while the 2018 model looks like a good thing, I canít help but fall for these older fastbacks. They are true classics. Maybe the passion comes from not being able to get them here originally. Anyway, this fastback looks glorious in its red paintwork, original wheels and white-wall tyres. And for the price of a new one you can get your mitts on this. I know which one Iíd have. Itís got the trusty 289ci V8 bolted to a three-speed auto. What a perfect Sunday driver, assuming it checks out okay.