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HEREíS A BEAUT looking chrome bumper Aussie luxo barge from the General. The HZ Statesman was the pinnacle of the marque. Despite their luxo pretences, those with a V8 in their snout, like this one, were reasonably brisk and just the thing for an interstate run or an enjoyable and relaxing Sunday cruise. Filled to the brim with premium goodies the Statesman also had acres of interior space. I note this one has had a degree of makeover, so there may be nothing left to do but jump in, go for a drive and enjoy.

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1975 SL/R 5000 TRIBUTE $52,000

IíM NOT GOING to bang on each month how Aussie muscle cars are skyrocketing in value. We all know that. It seems the tribute market is following suit with good examples starting to pull more than respectable dollars so long as they have been done correctly. The Holden Torana SL/R 5000 is a good one to tribute given their V8 appeal. Light and powerful, the SL/R 5000 quickly made a name for itself on and off the track. And even today, they can still give some current muscle cars a run for their money.

2002 HSV GRANGE 2 $16,500

NAMED AFTER THE famous Aussie wine, HSVís Grange was the most opulent and luxurious of the model range, with a sticker price to reflect that. So, this one, which appears in excellent nick represents good buying, especially as HSV models are only just coming onto peopleís radar. To create the Grange, HSV took their magic wand to the bog stock Statesman giving it more grunt, more handling, more looks, more of everything for more desirability and, possibly, collectability.

1968 FORD FALCON 500 XT $22,000

THE XT IS almost the forgotten Falcon. But 50 years ago, it achieved greatness finishing third, sixth and eighth outright in the 1968 London to Sydney Marathon. Ford Australia also won the teams trophy. Basically it was the second model of the second-generation Falcon that replaced the XR with some new features and styling changes. This one was allegedly restored 18 years ago and had a body resto in the past 12 months. These 60s Falcons are quickly becoming a desirable classic.

1977 ALFA ROMEO SPIDER $29,000

THE ALFA ROMEO is a sweet looker and fun to drive, but the early ones are prone to break down. But because of the first two points you just forgive them and slip behind the wheel for another outing. The drop top Spider is a personal favourite though there hasnít been one with my name on its ownership papers. They were produced for three decades due to global popularity, but finding a good one requires serious investigation. This one with 52,315 on the clock looks promising and the red interior is quintessential Italian.


HEREíS A BIT of a time warp and the body kit reminds me of my much-loved VK Blue Meanie. This one also sports a 5-litre V8 bolted to an M21 4 speed gearbox and Salisbury LSD, the absolute gun combo. Apparently this example was destined for Vic Police but wasnít put into service. It has been with the one owner since 1989 and as the photo suggests, it seems to have been cared for. An engine rebuild, new gear set for the box and larger exhaust are among the sellerís claims. The HDT body additions sharpen it looks.

1964 FORD FAIRLANE 500 $25,000

DONíT BE MISTAKEN, this isnít an American Falcon or Galaxy, it is actually a Fairlane. They were common here once, not now. This one still claims to have its original upholstery and appears to be in original condition throughout. It is said to have has mature owners since new, which is a code for it hasnít been flogged to death. The third owner is giving it up as he doesnít have time to drive it, or a shed to put it in and wants it to go to a good home. Go on, you know you want it.

1940 HUDSON SUPER 6 $44,000

THEREíS A VERY good chance if you buy this car, you wonít have one park up next to you, as the Hudson Super Six Coupe is a very rare commodity indeed. Itís claiming to be only the third right-hand driver in the land and in excellent nick for its age. It would not only be an interesting start to a collection, it would be a guaranteed talking point everytime you took it for a Sunday jaunt. But expect to be looked at and asked lots of questions about it. Thatís one of the many charms to owning these old bangers from the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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