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THEREíS MORE to Yankee muscle cars than the Mustang, like the Plymouth íCuda for instance. This is one of less than 1000 built in this spec and has undergone a full rotisserie resto, best of all itís right hand drive. I like the Violet colour that was all the rage for car and kitchen makers in the 70s. Under the bonnet is a matching number 390hp engine fed by 3 x two-barrel carbies. At the other end is the original Dana 60 diff and big exhausts. In between is a four-speed manual box and completing its muscle car looks are the rarely seen Shaker bonnet scoop, original Rallye dash and Rallye wheels.

1974 HOLDEN LH TORANA $50,000

WE ALL felt very sad when Holden pulled the pin on the giant-killing Torana XU-1, until we heard its replacement was going to have eight cylinders under the bonnet. The LH Torana was bigger than its LJ predecessor and a fair weapon to drive. By the look of this one itís been given more than the once over in every department. The beaut thing about the 70s was the wild colours that car and kitchen makers went for. The 308 V8 has been given a freshen up and to get its 200 kilowatts to hurl you up the road, it runs a Turbo 350 gearbox and nine-inch rear end. That should get you noticed.

1979 FIAT 131 2.0 $35,000

THEREíS A fair chance youíve never seen one of these on our sunny shores as it was never offered in Oz. The 131 was Fiatís answer to Ford Escortís domination of world rallying. It didnít do the job. But flinging it down some gravel roads would be a blast. After six owners it went into the shop for a paint resto four years ago. Recognised by quad headlights and integrated spoiler it has a two-litre twin-cam motor. According to the ad it starts and drives like an 80s Fiat so itíll be endless fun, and the perfect car to take you to your fav Italian restaurant.

1965 FORD GALAXIE 500 $25,000

GIVEN THE crazy prices being shelled out for ZD Fairlanes, Iíd throw my hard earned at this pillarless two-door Galaxie every time. Itís big enough to warrant its own postcode and under its huge bonnet rests a 390 big-block and cruiso-matic gearbox and to slow it down were drum brakes! This one looks the part and is in, for the most part, original condition. It is wearing new boots, the chrome mouldings and trims are new and the paint, while old, still manages a decent shine. A fun toy for weekend cruising.

2001 FORD FALCON AU II XR8 $15,000

I IF I AM If I am honest, the AU Falcon wasnít Fordís finest work and I really donít know what they were thinking at the time. But that means tricked up AUs arenít going to drain your bank account to buy or run. And the best ones to have are those fettled by Tickford, Henryís Aussie hot up shop. Clearly that wasnít enough for one owner as it was sent to fast Ford specialist Herrod for more neddies. It looks to be in good nick and quite original and for the money it will reward you with the way it drives. Prices are going to have to rise for these surely.

1969 TOYOTA CORONA $14,000 MKII 1600SL

CORONAS found a natural habitat in the RSL and bowling club car parks and over the years Toyota flogged plenty of them. But as you can see with this one, forget all of that as it is one very different Corona. In fact it is the only one in Oz and one of a handful left in the world. For starters it has a 1600cc OHC twin-carb engine, disc brakes, a sports steering wheel and a full spread of gauges. These little rockets, (relatively speaking) were sold at ĎToyopetí dealerships, separate to regular Toyota dealers. This one made its way here 10 years ago and hasnít done much work since.


In the same year the Holden HDT partnership was left in tatters, due to the Polarizer, GM created their own special Commodore and slapped a Formula 5000 badge on it. Itís based on an SL and fitted with a range of Group A clobber suspiciously like that worn by the Brock VLís and were more than likely leftovers from the original VL SS build. Waste not want not, I suppose. Its real value is in its rarity and this one has only been driven 61,026 kilometres and has always been garaged so it looks new. Itís a good start to a collection or an addition to an existing one..


THESE EARLY VETTEíS were a sight on Melbourne roads with a few of the nationís well-heeled car enthusiasts importing them here in the 60s. This might look like a run of the mill C1 but it has been given a tickle up that took over eight years and featured as a Readers Resto in issue #388. Under the bonnet is an injected small block V8 bolted to a five-slot gearbox. Modern touches include a disc brake front, electronic power steering and an original posi traction rear end. The body has been restored and/or replaced with new parts so now the hard work has been done, all thatís left to do is buy it and enjoy it.

BEFORE HANDING OVER YOUR HARD EARNED $$$ please ensure you have any potential purchase inspected, as a tight travel budget and a lack of psychic powers mean we cannot vouch for the individual cars we highlight.