Phillip & Michele Crack 1966 HERTZ SHELBY



This is something we got seven years ago. It was built for us from a bare shell and comes from Classic Speed. They did a build history for us and it came out well. I made a couple of little adjustments since it was delivered.

ďItís running the 289 V8, rebuilt, a Weber 650, five-speed Tremec manual transmission and a nine-inch diff. The engine in particular has been built to replicate what Shelby did with them.

Itís got Tri-Y headers and puts out about 306 horsepower, which is where they were. Weíre running discs front and drum rear.

Weíve put a few little luxuries in it, such as power steering and air-conditioning.

I do like all old cars Ė not just Fords. The reason I picked this one is the size of it and it was made to go around corners Ė unlike a lot of the larger cars of the era. I really like the look of this one and I like the story behind the whole Hertz thing.

Michelle has driven it and comments that itís a good thing to get out on a Sunday for a drive to lunch. Of course thatís only if they can find a parking spot where they can keep an eye on it!

Itís a fun thing to travel in and for an event like this (the Targa Tas Classic Rallye) itís just a ball. It makes a bit of noise, like they did in the day, so on a trip like this where you get to stretch it a bit you donít bother with the radio.

Iím not a professional driver and I havenít got great tyres on it, but it goes really well. Again the tyres are right for the period, but Iíd change them if I was doing this kind of classic rally more seriously. It gets along really well.