MELBOURNE-BASED luxury car dealer Srecko Lorbek has announced he is again acting as the Australian agent for Koenigsegg. It follows on a close association he and his business have had with supercars over the years.

The first model to be made available will be the replacement for the Agera, which the company says will be a hybrid. Some 500 examples are planned, which is the highest volume for any Koenigsegg model in the marque’s history.

The company has been secretive about what shape the car will take.

“We don’t know what it’s going to look like, but being an electric car, you don’t need much engine space, so it’s going to look pretty freaky,” said Lorbek, who plans to attend the Geneva Show launch of the car, which opens March 7.

With both luxury car tax and import rules expected to relax over coming months, Lorbek estimates the new car will come in at around $2.5 million and says he already has two verbal orders.

Koenigsegg promises the car will be running its camless Freevalve engine design, partnered with electric power. The claimed aim is to come up with a machine that is CO2 neutral.

This is the brand’s second tilt at hybrids – the first was the Regera (pictured) launched in 2015. However it and the new car apparently have little in common.

See koenigsegg.com and lorbek.com.au