INTERNATIONALLY famous comedian and car enthusiast Jerry Seinfeld has been sued by the buyer of an historic Porsche, with a claim the car is not what was represented in the auction.

Sold at the 2016 Gooding & Co Amelia Island (USA) sale, the 1958 356 Speedster was billed as one of just 60 very special aluminiumbodied four-cam GS/GT competition cars. It fetched a top bid of US$1.54 million (Au$2.14 million).

The buyer, who is only identified under the company name of FICA FRIO Ltd, is now claiming the car is not what it claims to be.

Seinfeld’s public response has been to refund the money and, via his lawyer, say the issue could have been resolved away from the courts.

Damages, in addition to the buying costs, are now being claimed.

It seems this case will not be easily resolved, as there may be more than one interpretation of what the car represents, even though Seinfeld is believed to have acted in good faith.