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GIVEN THE wallet emptying prices of Aussie classics, here’s a darn good alternative. A 1966 Falcon Club Coupe that will keep you amused when friends go hunting for the rear door handles. It’s from the deserts of Nevada and the body seems to be in good nick from the photos. It’s travelled just 43,000 miles from new, which is backed up with original paperwork, including buyer’s documentation with dealer’s and customer’s purchase order, trade-in allowance and purchase agreement, window sticker, key and owners manual. Canadian built it has a 170ci six and three-speed manual box. What a great starting point for a lovely tidy and weekend cruiser.



THESE AUTOBAHN burners eat kilometres for breakfast and when new set you back more than a suburban house, but what a stylish way to empty your wallet. While home prices are in the news, they ain’t as cheap as this V8 coupe is today. Given the ferocious acceleration and brutal performance of the 5.4-litre hand-built V8 in the CLK55, AMG should stand for All Mumbo German. This one looks to be well cared for, has been regulalry serviced which is important and presents well inside and out. Having had a few AMGs, whenever I spot one up for grabs I check out the current level of the piggy bank.



THINKING OF A trip to Tasmania? This smart looking VN SS Commodore looks like a good excuse to go and check out the apple isle. The first of the plastic bumper Commodores certainly has a big fan base as Glenn Torrens keeps telling me and this one is quite rare being fitted with a five-speed DIY shifter behind its five-litre bent eight. From the photos it looks to be very original and the owner has kept the paperwork and books. For the money, I can think of worse ways to kick off or add to a Commodore collection.



THE MGB WAS LUSTED after by anyone who had a pulse. Inexpensive open-top, care-free motoring was what the ‘B’ delivered. Not fast but so much fun. And now very hard to find, so if you are keen make a beeline for this very original rust free car. It’s clear a good deal of time, money and effort has gone into this car and in British Racing Green it looks gorgeous. To keep the winter cold at bay it comes with a hardtop, that needs a bit of a tidy up, but it means you can savour its delights in the winter months plus its ragtop for warmer times.



DON’T LET THE the greenies peer inside this charming old pommy luxombile as it has more timber than a forest. To celebrate its eligibility for a seniors card this Mk1 has undergone ground up restoration 10,000 miles ago. It has had a bare metal respray and the engine has been rebuilt with new internals and ancillaries. Inside the seats have been re-upholstered and the woodwork replaced, so it just needs a spray with Mr Sheen to keep it looking ticketyboo. To stop passengers overheating, a modern touch –air-conditioning – has been fitted, something never seen back in the Old Dart.


AND NOW for something completely different. The Sandbarra as featured in our sister mag Street Machine. On the outside it’s an HZ Holden ute and under its bonnet is Broadmeadows finest in the form of a ‘Barra’ Turbo 6 Falcon engine. The father/son project was to tidy up an old Sandman and stuff an LS in its nose. But these things have a habit of being a moving feast, so one of Henry’s finest got lobbed into the space once occupied by a Fishermans Bend bent eight. It even sports custom Sandbarra striping and logo inspired by the Falcon Superoo of 1969.




AMERICAN MUSCLE doesn’t always come in a two-door coupe package. Under the stunning turquoise lurks a fair weapon, disguised as a load lugger. A 454 4-bolt big-block bolted to a T400 and then connected to a 10-Bolt Diff. Tasty! The anchors have been given a freshen up and upgrade with big front discs and master vac booster. Inside is all new with a Dakota digital dash and it has a retro radio. The chrome is new, likewise the stainless, glass and rubbers and the wiring has been redone. The finishing touches come with the American Racing Wheels. Best of all it’s on Vic Club Permit plates.Bargain.



WHAT A BEAUT thing these were back in the day, ferrying our political leaders, dignitaries and corporate heads about in them. None would have been late for a meeting in this one with a snorting 351 under its sizeable bonnet. This one appears to be an absolute plum although not quite concours, which means you can add the finishing touches to it in your own time. It sports new mechanicals, including brakes, exhaust, suspension so it drives like a new one. Inside is new too with the carpets and pews having barely been used. That motor and three-speed auto give it great street-cred.

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BEFORE HANDING OVER YOUR HARD EARNED $$$ please ensure you have any potential purchase inspected, as a tight travel budget and a lack of psychic powers mean we cannot vouch for the cars we highlight.