RM SOTHEBY’S Amelia Island auction was made up of your usual big-dollar dream machines, but the sale of a manual 1994 Toyota Mk4 Supra turbo targa was the standout overachiever.

By the time the gavel struck down, the winning bid for this completely original 1994 Toyota was an eye-watering AUD$245,505, including buyer’s premium.

No doubt contributing to its record-breaking sale (approximately AUD$70,000 over estimate), were its unrestored and unmodified condition as well as its incredibly low 11,200 miles odometer.

According to an included CARFAX report, the twinturbo targa Supra was sold new to Illinois and “remained there for at least two years, accumulating nearly 6,000 miles”. The car was imported to Switzerland around a year ago, with the low mileage believed to be original and the overall car presenting in brilliant condition throughout.

Just a months ago, we reported on the record-breaking sale of a Mk4 Supra. Over Christmas the American online auction site Bring-ATrailer sold a red example for a whopping AUD$170,000, which Hagerty claimed at the time to be “the most expensive factory Supra ever sold at auction”.

This black example has clearly reset the mark by some margin, though it still falls short on the most expensive Supra ever – the modified 1993 Supra that starred in The Fast and the Furious movie that brought AUD$279,830.

It’s a stark illustration of how the modern collectible is shifting. Are we over the golden age of chromebumper collectibles? We don’t think so, not yet anyway.

But there are new kids on the block with money to spend, and it’s the modern machinery that adorned the bedroom walls of their generation that we’ll be seeing more in headlines in the future.

Fancy this unicorncondition Supra? We’ve found one in Melbourne that’s as original and with LESS mileage! Keep an eye out for our upcoming Japanese Value Guide in Unique Cars magazine issue #426.