Itís a mild summer's morning, the window is down, the music's turned right up and we're driving towards Geelong. There is an overwhelming majority of cars wearing that instantly recognisable blue oval, so passionately loved by many car enthusiasts in Australia. That can only mean itís All Ford (AFD). The annual event has once again showcased an impressive display of Fords for the 28th year running.

The event has been held at Deakin Universityís grounds in Geelong in recent years, but for 2019 the event took place at a new venue, Sutcliffe Reserve in Corio. The reserve has more than enough space for around 2000 cars and enthusiasts. However despite mostly positive feedback about the reserve, there was some controversy over the new venue with some patrons taking to social media suggesting the site was too dry and dusty. This will certainly be a talking point while organising the next one, and no doubt will be resolved.

The day saw more than 1300 Fords, of all styles and models drive through the gates with the majority of owners choosing to start the day early. A staggering 1000 cars had already entered by 9am. The event organisers stated that the crowd was also up on last years final count.

A Raptor, Pony car, Clone Capri and a Cobra drew plenty of looks on the day.

True Blue fans were surrounded on all sides by Ford vehicles of all varieties which included customs, street machines, factory mint and rare models spanning all ages. Possibly the oldest car there was a Brass Model T circa 1909. Perhaps the most unique was an Anglia Panel Van. Amongst the huge showing were some classic race Fords, celebrities (including Unique Cars favourite, John Bowe), automotive industry displays and vendors, topped off with entertainment, and food trucks for the whole family to enjoy.

A noteworthy inclusion to AFD this year was the unveiling of the newly dubbed ĎGT-HO for the modern eraí, Premcarís Holy Grail car. An upgrade kit for your Falcon offering both drivetrain and chassis pieced together by a group of guys that once fettled the FPV flock. Ford brought a 2019 Bullitt Mustang with them to show off. If you registered your car for judging, there were 54 Show and Shine categories to be awarded, with the top prize being the William

It's mine

Roland Wade


THIS CAR came from the Horsham area, actually on the other side of Horsham out near Mitre. My cousin, a farmer who lives up there knew of it sitting in a shed with the bonnet up and no air cleaner on it. The car had been sitting there for at least 15 years. Of course there were no doors on the shed. So you can imagine the state of it.

The motivation behind getting it was simply because I enjoy being hands on, exercising the brain, particularly at my age. It isnít so much the car, itís the joy of tinkering and doing the work myself. Iíve done everything on my own, except for the upholstery and the painting. Obviously you have to get the chrome done elsewhere and all that sort of thing but I did all the panel work, put it that way.

I quite enjoy bringing it to the car shows, Iím not particularly interested in entering for awards and so on. I donít care whether I win, lose or draw. But I do enjoy watching people wanting to take the time to talk about it and show interest in what Iíve done with it. I plan on continuing driving and getting out and about to the car shows

It's mine

Joe De Corrado


IíVE HAD the Mustang for roughly 15 years now, I first heard about this car being restored, near where I was living, but then it kind of disappeared. When I was younger, I owned an XB coupe, but responsibilities and all that, I had to sell it to build my house in the 80s. Eventually I wanted another coupe, and I found one for sale in Maroochydore so I jumped on a plane and flew up there to check it out. To cut a long story short, it wasnít an original. So I got back on a plane to head home, I noticed a magazine in the seat pocket in front of me. I saw this car in there, it was like an omen, so I thought I have to go and look at this thing. I headed up to Lexton, just past Ballarat and thatís how I came to own it.

Iím very happy with it, Iíve done bits and pieces to it. The motor was a bit sluggish so I gave it a full freshen up and tidied it up a bit. I had it resprayed with the original colour, because the paint was all dull and fading. It has won a few prizes, it got runner up at All Ford Day about six years ago. It won best muscle car at Flemington for the All Mustang Show. I love it, I am going to hold on to it despite getting quite a few offers.

Clay Ford Jr Perpetual Trophy handed out for 'Best Overall Ford'. The award is named after Henry Ford's last surviving grandchild.


All Ford Day 2019 was huge, weíve got a massive gallery online already, check it out at https://www.tradeuniquecars. With the event going from strength to strength, while keeping an eye on the venue debate, 2020 is going be another great day out for the family. The 2020 edition of AFD will be held on Sunday, February 16th, 2020.

It's mine

Les Woolridge


I SAW this neglected car, a guy had it sitting in a shed in Melton, Victoria. I said to a mate of mine if he wants to sell it at some stage let me know. About two years later, he rang me up and said itís for sale, so I bought it. The 170 six-cylinder in it was seized, complemented by a bird's nest on the battery tray.

It technically started life as an XP (1966 build). When I got it, there was damage to the radiator support which needed to be replaced. That gave me the opportunity to change the front clip completely, so I went with what I liked Ė the Ďroundí earlier XL ( í63 build ) front end. It has had a full rotisserie rebuild and coach works completed by Waddingtonís. In the end it was about nine months of sheet metal work..

The car is built to be a cruiser, so it has RRS Suspension front and rear, a three-link power rack, disc brakes and coil overs all around. The motor is a mild 302 with a 351 Cam and a 600 Holley.

I liked the fact that it was built on the station wagon lines. Itís not on the platform, but its got that roof line. Because every year after the XP everything went up high on the roof line, and all the Holdens were up high on the roofline right from the very beginning. So I liked the fact that it looked like a station wagon but it was a panel van, actually its called a sedan delivery.

The only future plans are to keep it, continue to drive it and enjoy it. It has been accepted into Motor Ex this year which is great.