Rolling 30



It was quite a sight – the rumbling VH rolling past doing a fair impersonation of a Brock on the fly, though Holden cognoscenti will no doubt spot differences from the original.

Owner Jason Kouzoukas was helping us out with a shoot for our June 2 Rolling 30 event at Sydney Motorsport Park, and you’d drive an awfully long way to find a more enthusiastic Brock-HoldenHDT fan. In case you were wondering, the basis of the beast is a 1982 VH SL/E, although it’s come a long way since then.

This is one of a big fleet of gems we expect to see at Sydney Motorsport Park for our inaugural ‘coffee and cars on steroids’ event. They’ll be joined by the Unique Cars mag crew, so come along and say G’day. See our Facebook page or for more.

As for the car, its former owner Glen put it up for sale not long after he’d successfully tackled the bodywork and paint in his garage at home. However the car needed more and it was time to move it on. Jason spotted it online and flew down to Melbourne to pick it up. He reckons it didn’t miss a beat on the seven-and-a-half hour drive home, though it got plenty of attention.

Once back in Sydney, he set to work finishing off the areas that he first wanted to change: the interior and wheels. He acknowledges that the distinctive blue trim, complete with Scheel seats, is a VK ‘Blue Meanie’ feature, but that’s exactly the effect he wanted. The same goes for the distinctive HDT-style wheels.


At the moment, the car is running a reasonably humble 308 V8, tied to an M21 four-speed and Salisbury diff. A mechanic by trade, he plans to boost that with a 355 stroker while keeping the basic Holden architecture. However he does plan to add a little race feature, namely twin Webers. That should be more than enough to get the VH hunting along at a decent pace. “They’re a very light car, around the 1200kg mark, so it should go well,” he says.

This is one of a mini fleet of HDT creations sitting in his shed. There are two VC HDT Commodores, build numbers 433 and 445, both red autos. One is stock and the other modified, and one was bought new by his mum back in 1980.

Evidently both parents were enthusiasts. Mum’s previous car was an HX LE Monaro, while Dad was known to dabble in toys as varied as Ferraris and Walkinshaws.

Jason is the Vice-President of the recently formed Southwest Muscle Cars in Sydney, which has already held its first show. They and the Northern Beaches Muscle Cars group (find them on Facebook) team up to help each other out with events and we’re looking forward to seeing them at Rolling 30 at the start of June. See