THE USED car market is a minefield of unknowns. From the sellers to the actual cars, there’s a lot to sift through.

If you’d like to skip that challenging process, Mercedes-Benz will now sell you a used car directly from their museum.

The museum’s used car department, named All Time Stars, offers cars that may carry some price premium over the general secondhand market while having the benefit of factory verification as vehicles being sufficiently significant to earn a place in the storied museum.

They’re not all ludicrously-priced restored concours-level cars. They are rated in three different categories:

‘Concours Edition’ cars, present in outstanding condition, comprising rare vintage vehicles that are either in rare original and low-mileage condition, or cars that have been lovingly restored by Mercedes-Benz themselves. Naturally, these cars will fetch the highest sums.

‘Collectors Edition’ cars are more affordable and useable. Mercedes-Benz states the vehicles are in “excellent condition both technically and visually”, while not being in concours condition and may carry a little patina that adds to their “special character”.

‘Drivers Edition’ vehicles are vintage or modern classics that are in a good condition – though not to the point where owners will fear driving them. Mercedes-Benz states these vehicles are in excellent technical condition while offering the potential for further restoration.

For example: a ‘Collectors Edition’ 1980 C107 280SLC with just 81,500kms, is on offer for AU$77,592. This is certainly on the top-end of the market while not being an outrageously priced outlier given its outstanding condition.

Furthermore, the attachment of a manufacturers’ vintage specialty stamp on a vehicle certainly adds value to a collector car.

The museum also offers a number of rare vehicles that would otherwise be impossible to source locally. DTM race cars, or a 2014 F1 showcar anyone?

Check out the full list of available cars at Mercedes-Benz’s All Time Stars.