CAR MAD comedian Rowan Atkinson CBE is selling his 1991 Mercedes 500E, a car he has owned twice.

Best known for his exploits in a green Mini, as Mr Bean, Atkinson is a serious car enthusiast, part time racer, until recently an owner of a McLaren F1 and former contributor to the UK’s Car magazine.

The 1991 Mercedes 500 E, one of 29 sold in the UK in lefthand drive and offered with no reserve is currently owned by Atkinson.

After buying the 500E new in 1991 Atkinson owned it for four years before selling it to its second owner, who then owned the car for the next 23 years. Atkinson repurchased the car in July 2017 as he had enjoyed it so much and now offers it for sale again.

The ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing, its 5.0L V8 500E reaches 100km/h in 5.5 seconds and tops out at 259km/h.

Gary Dunne, Classic Car Auctions auction manager commented “We are delighted to be offering a car direct from Rowan Atkinson. It has such an unusual story in that he has owned it twice.”

“We often have unusual stories and this one is one of those, especially for a celebrity to repurchase his car after such a long period”