Brad McMahon: 1935 PLYMOUTH PJ



I bought it a couple of months ago. Itís got all Ford running gear underneath, including four-wheel disc brakes, and rear end. Itís got a 351 Cleveland thatís been tunnel-rammed and had the carbies on it. The donor car was a 1980 Fairlane.

Since I got it, itís had the finned rocker covers, the bug-catcher, tidied up the wiring, changed the steering wheel, cleaned it up a bit Ė a few personal touches.

There is always some complication when you work on something like this. For example, to get the finned rocker covers in, we had to change the brake vacuum booster and master cylinder. However that worked quite well, as the replacements gave us better power and feel.

Weíve gone through fixing the bugs that were in it, plus weíve gone over the body work to get it looking better.

I think itís been on the road, more or less in its current state, for about 15 years. It seems each owner along the way has made changes. The one I bought it from was in NSW and was about to start a new project, so I came along at the right time.

Iíd been looking for one for a while Ė everything from í37 Fords through í35s and í36s. Iíve had í35s before, but I figured a Plymouth was something different. Itís a bit of a weird combination Ė designed by Chrysler, assembled locally by Holden and itís now powered by Ford. So itís got a bit of everything in it!

Itís good to drive Ė like driving a Falcon, surprisingly enough.

It sits on the road, doesnít roll around, though it is a little bouncy, which is typical hotrod.