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1973 BMW 2002



DESPITE THEIR sedanish looks these 2002 Beemers are wonderfully sporty and a real challenge to drive on the limit. This is the one to have with the round rear lights and 1973 build. Finished in Chamonix white, according to the ad it still has its original gearbox and comes with full history from new when it was bought in Horsham. It sports its original Victorian plates and the ad states it has had a recent major service and a refurbished interior. Three sets of wheels are being provided including lightweight BWAs. These early Bavarian beauties are well estrablished as a classic.

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1988 PORSCHE 944


STAYING WITH the Fatherland theme here we have a one-owner 944 Porsche and an ideal way to get into the marque. In the late 1970s the Porsche board thought the 911 had run its course so it created the 924, 944 and 928 luxo GT. Time told us the 911 outlived them all. According to the ad this black beauty is in excellent order with full-service history. These front engine Porkers have been in the doldrums pricewise but are starting to gather a bit of momentum and new fans.

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WITH A 7.2-LITRE engine under its long bonnet and a glass house area bigger than most aquariums the Jensen Interceptor canít be mistaken for anything else. And I reckon the name Interceptor is one of the best ever for a car. The ad states it has travelled a mere 69,000 miles since new and this one has undergone a resto and repaint at some point. This one is being sold with a heap of spares which will save you time and pennies in the long run. Long shunned by collectors, prices have started to climb in recent years. A real head turner.

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WHEN WAS the last time you saw an XT Falcon ute? Canít say Iíve seen one in years. The ad states it is very clean with good paint and a restored interior. Best of all it appears to be original and unmolested and even has a six-cylinder under the bonnet. The chrome has been freshened up and the diff and carby have been reconditioned. Aussie classics keep gaining in value and rare cars like the XT ute look to be a reasonable bet for the future. You certainly wonít see many others.

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THE HSV HERO of the day was the 5.7-litre LS1 powered Clubsport R8 and this one is finished in iconic Mica Tiger that grabbed everyoneís attention when it was launched. Claimed to be in excellent order it only has 160,000kms on the clock making it a great addition to any collection. It claims two owners, both from the country and has a full-service history. These look as good today as they did when they lit up Holden showrooms, literally, back in the day and they still drive very well too.

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MORLEY WILL be going weak at the knees when he sees this. Peter Williamson and his Bathurst exploits, with racecam on-board had a lot to do with their popularity back in the mid to late 1970s. For many years these old Toyotas Sillycars struggled to find buyers and many were either neglected, rallied or had rotaries stuffed into them. Times have changed and now these 70s Celicas are highly sought. This one has more grunt from standard. The ad states it has an upgraded engine, the gearbox shifts smoothly and the interior is like new. It is from a private collection that is being downsized and there are receipts dating back to 2005. Coffee, Cars and Celicas. Has a nice ring to it.

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WHEN I see these early Capris I think of Terry McCann from Minder and Bodie and Doyle from The Professionals. The Ford Capri was the go-to car for most pommy TV shows back then and they had a pretty good reputation as a bullet proof and successful race car too. This is the one to have with the three-litre six up front and a four-speed manual box. This one came to Australia in 1973 in GT Executive trim, a higher spec than ours and between 1986 and 2012 underwent a nut and bolt resto according to the ad. It even comes with its original English rego forms.

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TO ME this is the best-looking mass-produced Alfa Romeo ever. Such a shame that Alfa hasnít seen the need to create a modern rendering as I reckon it would sell like the proverbial hot cakes. This GT Junior has had the same owner for 33 years and is a true survivor car that appears in original condition. According to the ad it is good to go and gives you the option of a resto on the run. As it comes with a spare engine and box that seems like a good place to start before tackling the body. Prices and interest in this gorgeous Italian classic are on the up and about time too.

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