There are now two buses in the garage, however I had a Beetle first. I fell in love with the Volkswagens as a result. This one became available in Sydney and I jumped on it. Then I sold the Beetle and bought a 1969 model as well. It was a good decision.

What do I like about them? Theyíre just cruisy, fun to drive, not fast, but itís not about that Ė itís about the trip. I really enjoy them. Itís my daily driver and we go away in it as well. My wife rolls her eyes a little, but ends up enjoying the trip even if itís not as comfortable as our modern cars.

The people before me put the fittings in the cabin. We had a bit of an accident with it, on a trip, so we ended up repairing it and repainting the lower section in the dove blue. That was also an opportunity to refit some of the interior and put our own little stamp on it.

You meet lots of people when youíre travelling in it. Everyone gives you a wave and everyone wants a chat. You pull up somewhere for a rest on the big trips and you get swamped, but itís good fun.

This one runs a stock 2.0lt motor with the twin Solexes on it. The only thing Iíve done is pop a Vintage Speed exhaust on it for a bit of a note, and it looks better. It will sit on 110km/h on the flat no drama, hit a hill and it slows down, but thatís alright.

Theyíve become a bit expensive for the enthusiast, but thatís the market.