It looked nothing like this when I first bought it down south. The previous owner had purchased it for his wife, from America, but it sat in a shed for years.

In the end I resprayed the bonnet, put a new dash in it, floor coverings. It was a runner, but not a happy one, so we did the heads on it.

It gets used and it just clicked over 300,000 last week, so itís seen a few miles. My car club has a lot going on, so Iíve driven it to Tasmania and on a lot of other trips.

Itís good to drive. The 289s might not be the most powerful engine out there, but they have enough power and seem to go forever.

You have to do something when you retire, and this seemed like as good an option as any. Iíve had a few Fords over the years, but this is my first Mustang.